Diy pompom kimono- New Look 6217 pattern review

Apparently, the kimono jacket is the garment of the summer (2014). What exactly was the garment of last summer I cannot tell you. Indeed I definitely did not invest in whatever was last years garment was, unless it was flowery frocks, when I did. In spades.

But on the plus side, kimonos are a trend that lend themselves perfectly to the DIYer, not least because they are so ridiculously easy you can knock one up on your sewing machine in an afternoon. So that's what I did.

I decided to buy a new pattern for this project as my existing kimono pattern, New Look project runway 6072, used a huge amount of material, with two options for the front panels- either a tie closure (no thank you) or massive drapey panels (again, no ta). I decided I wanted to make a cropped cute kimono sleeved jacket and so bought this New Look pattern, 6217, which has caught my eye previously thanks to the cute styling on the packet- most unusual! I did however alter the pattern slightly so it was about 3 inches shorter than the original pattern had intended. 

New Look 6217 pattern review!

Inspiration: Jessa!

Pattern Description: 
Misses' kimono style jacket and tee have an easy extended sleeve and bias binding at neckline. Pencil skirt and slim pants have side zip. New Look sewing pattern. It says it has bias binding on the neckline but it is actually faced.

Pattern Sizing: UK 10-22.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes I think so, but shorter but then that's my doing completely! For once, aforementioned, I actually like the styling on the pattern envelope and would not mind looking like ten photograph.

Were the instructions easy to follow? As always yes, although I barely looked at them as it was pretty straightforward to say the least- a huge benefit to sewing kimono jackets is no sleeves to insert (yay!)

Likes and dislikes?
 I like the simplicity of this pattern and can imagine perhaps making another in a less bright fabric to wear over garments in the winter, almost like a waterfall cardigan but SO not a waterfall cardigan, you know?...

Fabric Used: a very lightweight Fuscia pink paisley viscose, which looked so beautiful and crisp when pressed and steamed!

Pattern alterations or design changes: I shortened the kimono purely because I felt frumpy when it was long and bf agreed it was not flatterning. This was probably a combination of factors including (but not limited to) a) my smallish size, b) my inadequate height, c) the crazy brightness of my fabric choice! I also added pom-poms, just because...

Styling ideas: I will be wearing my kimono with short shorts and baggy vests, and possibly little straight mini skirts. This may also look stylish as a coverup on coolers evenings.

Would you sew with it again? Yes, I think so! Definitely in a nice fluid fabric like this one though, a stiff fabric would make a terrible choice for a kimono jacket.

Conclusion: a lovely simple pattern, perfect for 'wardrobe building' (whatever that entails) and of course making pretty kimono jackets! I have already promised my lovely pal a yellow kimono as a welcome home present when she returns from her summer nannying abroad- so check back for round two! 

Thanks for reading and happy sewing! X o x o