2015: My Sewing Year in Review

I have had such a wonderful year I am almost sad to see the back of 2015. Bf and I bought our first flat and then our first cat, Percy, we went to NewYork for the first time, I had a (small) promotion at work and I was also a bridesmaid for the very first time at my beautiful friends' wedding. However,
I really enjoyed compiling the many, many pictures for this post and reflecting on my sewing in the hope that this reflection will not just be fun but also inform my future sewing projects. I will first answer some questions about my sewing this past year and then share with you the breakdown of the many things I have stitched for me and a couple of bits for my nearest and dearest.

New techniques learnt
This year was the first year I bought an computerised sewing machine and with this power came the glorious ability to create beautiful button holes, so to celebrate I of course had to stitch several shirt dresses. In sewing these shirt projects I of course had to learn how to create beautiful collar stands which, after much steam and frustration, I succeeded in.
Most challenging
Without a doubt my most challenging project of 2015 was creating 5 bridesmaids dresses for my friend M's wedding, a true labour of love. I won't go on about it here but you can read my blogpost all about it by clicking here.

Most worn
This is a five way tie between: my Pakistani pillowcase skirt (Simplicity 1370, my button down suede skirt, my black panelled dress from Simplicity 1419 (learn how to hack it here), my blue floral dress also from 1419 and my black pinafore hacked from Salme 142. If push came to shove I would probably have to say the pinny. Learn how to make one here. 

Favourite sew
Probably my newly finished patchwork suede skirt, which I wore to New Year's Eve last night! Learn how to hack it here. And also all of my most worn pieces of course.

Most used pattern
It's another tie, this time between two simplicity patterns 1419 and 1370. I think these were both my most used because I can easily hack them both to make a range of different dresses and skirts, as they are both very simple shapes with a great fit. 

Best selfless making
Not sewing related, but for my friend's bridal shower I made her a commemorative plate. Learn how to make one here.

What I made in 2015
And finally, dun dun dun, here is a run down of the year's makes. Are you sitting comfortably? Because this could take a while. 

Twenty six Dresses. Oh boy, not much need to make any next year then..!

Fourteen skirts. Again, not much need to make any more next year. 

Two pairs of shorts, two pairs of trousers and one pair of culottes. I would really like to so a course this year on making trousers.

Six super simple tops. This year I would like to make more winter tops like this striped sweatshirt. 

Two kimonos (one knitted and one silk), one coat and one jacket.


Four accessories, three of which involve pom-poms because I have a pompom problem. 

And now the few pieces I've made for other people: five bridesmaids dresses, one plate, one election dress, three bog babies and with my friend Bren a baby poncho. 

Few! What a busy year, one thing is for sure I don't need any more frocks next year, but I will probably make a handful of beautiful ones anyway. I will definitely do more work with panels and plains as most of my most worn items fall into this category. I can't wait to see what the new year brings. I hope you enjoyed this post and have had a lovely 2015 and I wish you a magical 2016 full of stitching and other wonderful things!
Thanks for reading and, to the lovely people who keep coming back to read my blog a HUGE thank you for your continued support and encouragement. It means so much to me so thank you! 
Here's to a magical year ahead x o x o