Craft and Make books- mini haul/review of sorts- Cath Kidston and Kirstie Allsopp

So, WH Smiths have realised that people have no money left these days and have made the decision to sell their lovely making books at bargain prices. Very kind (sad too, I suppose) and I am certainly not complaining as I picked up these two little kitsch treats for a bargain £7.99 each. Although they are both beautifully written, styled and photographed with a whimsical feel in each of the projects and pages, I would say they both fall into the 'inspiration' category as they contain beautiful things to take ideas from, but I doubt I will be following any of the projects step by step, as I do like to make things slightly more individual. However, I do get the best use from my inspiration books as opposed to more structured, project based books so I think these will be firm favourites for a while yet.
That said, Make contains some lovely outlines to trace onto fabric and use at the back of the book which I will probably adapt and use for many projects (I just love her cowboy, I have the matching mug!)

This picture makes me giggle, my dad calls her 'Snow White' and I would agree her complexion looks equally fictional. However, I love her posh girl attitude to hold this against her. I think if I had grown up in private school this is perhaps who I would have become, we will never know!

These books are worth a gander, especially if your WH Smiths has the same awesome deal on as mine did. Both are also very beginner friendly so would also make lovely gifts for aspiring friends taking up a new hobby. This is the pocket version, I can't find the full sixe one on the WH Smiths website.