Gift ideas- dressmaking, craft and jewellery projects

I thought I would make a post of just some of the gifts I have made and given over the past few years. Hope they give someone, somewhere an idea or two :)
Christmas 2012 for chum Clare (who looked beautiful in it, FYI) 

Studded collar details

Chinese silk party dress for lovely Chum Lou Lou- 2011

Party dress with matching jewellery for chum Smale- 2011

Close up for matching jewellery 

Hand knitted snood and scarf for a pair of lovely chums (especially love the knitted hearts)- 2011

Spotty self drafted circle skirt for cousin Fi- 2011

Collage H, just for fun for chum Hellen- 2011

Rag bag birthday bunting for chum Jo- 2011

Glass bead necklace for Mum- 2010

Glass bead jewellery set for Mum- 2010

Sweetie Jimjams for BF!- 2011

(Bad photo of) Tartan jimjams for BF- 2011

Self portrait for Chum H- 2011

Map hearts for Mum and Dad- 2012

Lovely Maxi dress for bestest chum :)- 2012

Stocking for...guess who- 2012

Elephant jimjams for Bren- 2012

Cath Kidston half apron for Zinny- 2010

Pillow, frame and lavender bag set for chum Stephy- 2011

Christmas bunting for Jess and Rae- 2012

Mums Birthday dress and earring set- 2012

Hand knitted scarf on the Seine, 2011 <3

Clare's MASSIVE white poofy skirt for the white party 2010

This last one is not a gift I gave myself, but an awesome idea of Clare's I stitched for her as Christmas present for her to give to her BF. Although I cannot take credit for this design, I really enjoyed this little mini project, machine appliqué fun! May do this again for a gift.