My handmade winter coat- Dressmaking project

My late work meeting tonight was brightened by an unexpected compliment from a stranger on my handmade tweedy coat, so I thought it would be a nice time to post this picture bf took of me wearing it at the weekend, posed as always on my glamorous fire escape. 
I used Butterick B5425 which required reams and reams of fabric, but I was cheeky, as ever, and managed to make it work with 50cm less than the packet required, winner!
I think I am most proud of the lining, which was almost entirely inserted using tiny hand stitches, and it incidentally one of my favourite colours, a lovely, dusty rose pink. That's the best bit about making coats, getting to choose the perfect lining. I also chose to line the coat in a fine cotton, as I am not keen to shiny polyester linings.
The pattern, although it came up enormous and had to be taken in majorly, came up beautifully and I am especially pleased with the way the big, swooshy skirt kicks around my knees. I added the fur collar and brooch (from bf) later and think they add a bit of a vintage feel to the outfit.
The hardest bit was definitely steaming all the long seams open (there are lots of them) esspecially in the skirt, but apart from that this was a simple project which came together in about 3 days. 
I bought 3m of the tweedy fabric which was a poly wool blend and came to £12 in total
The lining was a poly cotton and came to £4.50 in total
Trimmings such as coverable buttons and thread cost about £2
Interfacing cost about £3.50
Total spend £22- not bad for a handmade winter coat that was lots of fun to sew
Hope you like it  as much as I do :)