23rd birthday craftyness!

So on Tuesday I turned 23, whoopeee! I have drawn out the celebrations over last weekend and throughout this week and thought, as this is my crafty blog, it might be nice to share my crafty birthday presents. So without further a do...
First off, two lovely crafty books from the boyfriend. The first, Style me vintage by Naomi Thompson, is a very light-hearted and pretty book full of fun photographs, mostly very nicely styled, along with tips on sourcing and wearing quality vintage pieces. Although I am not a big collector of vintage I do have a small number of treasures and this book works mainly as an 'inspiration' read, when planning projects etc. Very impressed he managed to choose this girlie book with me in mind!
The second book from the boyfriend is Fold Art Needlecraft by Clare Youngs. Before I opened this he said 'your mum will love this'. Just what one wants to hear before opening a present but it is indeed true, she would love it, if I were to lend it to here which is highly unlikely any time soon as it is LOVELY with a brilliant selection of unusual and interesting projects explained step by step, beautifully photographed. I will be keeping this one to myself for a while...

Speaking of my mum, she made me two lovely presents by hand. The first is this hand felted flower brooch with a lovely handmade heart button in the middle. I need to choose a coat worthy of sporting this one. For some reason I cannot get the image to rotate, so perhaps to fully appreciate this one you may need to turn your head slightly to the right...

 Her second handmade gift to me is this lovely handmade fabric charm bracelet, a new invention of hers apparently, soon to he heading to her etsy shop Marcia Lois. I love all the vintage charms she has collected over the years, particularly the little silver double decker bus, perfect for a Londoner like me :)
 Not only did my mum treat to to two pieces of handmade jewellery but also some pretty trimmings during our trip to the Country Living show (the most middle class, middled aged event of the year, although lots of fun if you're with my mum it must be said). I am most excited about the blue spotty bias binding with an attached lace edge, how clever! My mum was so excited by this new discovered she bought a meter in about 9 different colours for her own trimmings collection.
 Speaking of trimmings, my last crafty gift from my mum was this lovely book 'Thrifted Notions' by Kaari Meng. A very interesting concept for a book which is ultimately a look through the history of the Tinsel Trading Company archives, right back to the early twentieth century. Lovely personal stories punctuate the book and I loved reading about the founders passion for collecting shiny notions from across the world. He even provided the US with all the metallic thread for their uniforms during the war (fact). A cool look back into the world of sewing that I look forward to continue reading, it also features ideas for projects using vintage and repro trimmings. 
Lastly, but definitely not least, a lovely magazine given to me by my good chum Clare. Homemaker magazine is new to British shelves and did not disappoint  providing lots of lovely, homey pictures to paw over while in the bath. I especially love the free carnival bird kit, which if the snow continues will be made up tomorrow in front of a girlie film. My only let down in this magazine was the super simple instructions to make a square pillow, which seemed too basic for a crafting magazine to feature. But then maybe I am being harsh, I guess they need to provide projects all abilities and experience levels. That said, I would definitely give Homemaker another read as it is a beautifully put together magazine with some really lovely ideas and projects to inspire, I imagine, quite a wide range of people.

So as you can see,  I have been well and truly spoilt this birthday in the craftyest way possible. I also received some other lovely gifts from family and chums but these were not of the crafty persuasion so I decided not to feature them here, but none the less I feel extremely lucky and treated this birthday. Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday so wonderful this year, but now I must dash and get on with making my thank you cards to all the lovely people who have given me such inspiring pressies!