A string of memories: Handmade rag bag bunting, Tutorial

I recently read on-line about 'rag-bag' bunting and fell in love with the whimsy and sentiment of the idea.
The idea is that you use up scraps of fabric from previous items of clothing, household items and projects to create a string of memories from your life.

And so, at Christmas, when I went to visit my lovely family, I raided the fabric stash my mum has hoarded over the past 40 years.
The result is homemade ragbag bunting made from: childhood party dresses, dads old pjs and shirts, my baby blanket off cuts, old duvets, old curtains, mums dress off cuts, old Christmas napkins and other assorted family memories. I love it, and it now takes pride of place above my clothes rail in my bedroom. I can't look at it without being reminded of a lovely memory from some point in the last 22 years of my life.

Cheesy, definitely. Lovely, undoubtedly

Fancy making some of your own? Read on for the tutorial...
 Step one: The first step is the most fun! Gather a selection of fabrics with some sort of sentimental value. For example, I used Christmas napkins from my childhood, fabric from the first skirt I ever made, scraps from my baby blankets and my dads old pyjamas and many more.

Step two: Cut the scraps onto short pieces, approx 15cm long and 5cm wide, but this does not need to be exact as a slight variety of lengths and widths gives a nice rustic look to the 'rag-bag' bunting.

Step three: Fold the cut fabric pieces into a strip of bias binding tape approx 1.5m long (or however long you want the finished bunting to be) and stitch by hand along the length of the bias binding, securing each fabric piece until all your pieces of fabric are used up. This could also be done using a sewing machine for a more secure and professional look. I chose to do mine my hand to add to the rustic feel.

Step four: Choose where to hang your string of rag bag memories :)