McCalls 6349. A floral, fondant frock!

Spring has yet to be sprung upon us, but I am fighting the elements with a determination to wear all my spring/summer dresses, but have been layering them with black or grey tights and cardigans in pastel colours. 
Here is one of my girliest creations to date, created last summer using some floral polyester chiffon bought as a bargain from Fabricland. I decided to use a plain white cotton for the lining so it feels fresh in the summer, and got plenty of wear in 2012 (when the sun chose to shine)
Due to the transparent nature of chiffon, this dress is fully lined unlike most of my creations where I generally try to get away with an unlined skirt (horror of horrors) to save valuable pennies.
Anywhoo, onto this pattern which I must say I adored. I do not usually make using McCalls patterns, not sure why, but this one really impressed me with its accurate and comfortable sizing.
The pictures on the pattern envelope are hideous mind you. Quite what attracted me I'm not sure, but it probably had something to do with the complete absence of bust darts, of which I have an irrational dislike.

Anyway, some inspo for frothy, pastel dresses (my all time favourite inspiration to drool over)


And here is my pastel, sugary confection!
Out on the glamorous stairwell once again...

This photo was a total fluke, but it does show nicely the gathered detail on the bodice and skirt, as well as the tiny flower pattern on the chiffon.

A super, dooper close up of the thin cotton bias binding strap, in a complementary sky blue colour.

Hope you like, anyone else desperately wearing their warm weather clothes with layers of woolyness?