Self drafted jersey dress: completed project (aka, still wearing clothes I made 18 months ago, in the depths of winter...)

Here is a pretty, warm jersey dress I made in winter 2011/2012, and am wearing STILL due to the fact spring is what feels like a million miles away and when I arrived back in London today, I arrived to a blizzard of snow. Waiting for the district line back to Wimbledon I feared for the safety of my toes. Luckily the cold had numbed them to the degree that when an old lady ran them over with her suitcase I didn't feel a thing. 
Anywhooo, on with the dress. I bought the fabric on a whim (Fabricland, natch. Living so close is dangerous). I chose the pretty birdie print because I am a print fanatic, as is clear from my handmade wardrobe, but also because it was described as 'winter-weight' and it is indeed a cosy fabric to snuggle up in. 
Close up of jersey print

This dress was made for work and I only occasionally wear it at the weekends, but it is good for smart evening meals. The warm, autumnal colours only add to this feeling of cosiness. The pattern is very simple and a combination of self drafted and odd pieces adapted from a range of other dress patterns I had lying around. As a result of dragging in a range of elements I particularly like and know fit me well, I think this dress, which has no closures only an elasticated waistband, fits me pretty well and has earnt itself a few compliments during its short life. 
The dress, slightly fussy as too cold to venture outside for photographs

Close up of dress

The back, obviously...