The Great British Sewing Bee: Episode 3 review and favourite garments!

Wow, time flies when you're having fun! Three quarters of the way through the series (I have to say I reckon 4 episodes is a little stingy on the ol sewing hours, but hey ho) and this episode contained some delights...
The first challenge was a lovely one, to sew a little girls dress with a shirred bodice and French seams (my new obsession, ooo). This to be did not seem to be a particularly challenging garment, particularly as it was only child size and thus the challenging part, in theory the shirring, was only for a very small amount. Although that said, while I do find shirring to be a simple technique avoiding all darts, buttons, zips and other disasters waiting to happen, Sandra's was incredible in the way that she matched up the stripes in the print, what perfect tension! I can see no point in the rouleau straps myself and so also have respect for her braving her own flat straps which to me seem all the more practical for a small child, never let straps fall down! Not a good look on any age. Over all Sandra's was my favourite frock along with Ann's, what a divine fabric choice! And would hide any stains and spills to boot. Oh, and her smile when she is praised, so lovely :)

Sandra's dress
Property of the BBC

Ann's dress
Property of the BBC
The second challenge, as always, was to me the least interesting of the three but perhaps that is because adding patch pockets or altering the shape of a dress is just not a pleasurable task for me, but more a necessity if you have a pre-existing garment in need of an update. And so I kind of feel sorry for the contestants faced with monstrosities such as a bright blue shapeless polyester dress and are expected to be inspired to make something beautiful. I have a real dislike for that particular shade of blue and so am being pretty dramatic about this, so lets move swiftly on! My favourite was Lauren's version as I like the bow detail and the way Claudia persuaded her to cut the skirt off completely, go Winkleman! This gave it a lovely new shape, I think she really made a noticeable, positive change to the shape of the dress. It was the only dress I would have worn myself, if it were a different colour of course :)
Property of the BBC

Property of the BBC

The final challenge was my favourite of all, making a jacket, as I am about to make my own hacking jacket and Lauren's was just lovely. The tweed was the perfect match but mine will be in a lighter weight fabric more suited for spring, as I need a warm cover up that is not too sweaty in the hot weather. But anyway, I digress! The challenge was, of course, challenging, but all the contestants created something both lovely and wearable. However, I did feel sorry for Sandra who's fabric seemed to unravel before her eyes, the poor woman! Enough to make your heart sink when you have bought new fabric. I had no idea overlocking was so time consuming, and yet still, I really want one! Saving, savings...
Here is Lauren's gorgeous hacking jacket:

Garment of the week was Ann's beautiful boucle tweed jacket, with Savile Road Taylor approval! It is divine and I think would look fabulous on most women, a gorgeous classic shape.

But enough about my favourite pieces, which were yours? I would love to know :)

PS: Worst instructions ever to make curtains? As the daughter of a curtain maker, I am sure she would be disappointed with the entire run-down of a days sewing being blurted out nonsensically in under a minute! Just a small gripe, on an otherwise lovely episode :)