The Great British Sewing Bee- Episode one review and favourite garments!

This week me and my mum had some time off work so we met at Paddington to embark on a journey to a far western foreign land, aka, Cardiff. We visited family and had a lovely time, evening managing to squeeze in a day trip to Bristol (a city I now love, so many beautiful buildings, seen in bright sunshine which helps).
However, me and the mother had just one random request for our patient and obliging hosts. Can you guess..?
Tuesday night at eight we asked for control of the tellybox to tune in to the first episode of The Great British Sewing Bee. Now if I were to ask most people for this luxury I am pretty sure I would be faced with disapointment, but as I have mentioned we have an awesome family hugely understanding of me and my mothers sewing addiction, and indulged us, even apparently enjoying it themselves (phew!) But did it live up to our, admittedly, sky high expectations?
In short, yes. I love watching any crafty show on the telly but, as is obvious from my blog, working with fabric is my firm favourite and I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful creations (especially Tilly of she is so cute with amazing style, major wardrobe envy!).
My only complaint is really the sour comments from the judges. I know that it is their job to criticise, but some were really unfair, such as the pattern matching up on Stuarts day dress. Personally I thought it was beautiful, and it can't have been all that bad as it has made it into the book which accompanies the series (which is currently half price in Smiths, FYI, a bargain at £10 which I could not resist!) 
A good book, with I hope a good review coming soon!

Although most of their comments I am sure were fair, I could not help but consider the fact that this programme is, as with baking, supposed to be bringing the gentle art of needlework to the nation, and I for one, even as a semi-experienced sewer, would be put off from a craft in which a stern faced member of the WI picked apart my every hem and seam with a find tooth comb. But anyway, thats a teeny, tiny part of the show. Here are my favourite garments from episode one.

Firstly, Jane's car print miniskirt. This was just adorable and I already have some car print fabric in mind to recreate this myself on a shoestring :) Just love the combination of simple A-line with busy, almost tomboyish pattern. Want to parade around in this one :)

Image property of BBC

Second favourite, no surprises here, its Tilly's cute as a button Peter Pan collar blouse. Defo what I would have done given the challenge to alter a neckline, and I disagree with Patrick, its small and delicate size just adds to its charm, and it is far, far from 'mean'!

Image property of BBC

So which were your favourite garments from episode one? And did you enjoy it as much as I did!? I would love to find out :)