The Great British Sewing Bee Episode 4, The Finale! Review and favourite garments

Before I review this episode, I should say if you do not know who the winner is yet, then do not read on unless you want it spoiled for you! All good things come to an end, and here we are at the end of series one of the Great British Sewing Bee. I really hope that they do a series two as I have found it really inspiring, and it has also got lots of people at work who have never before spoken about sewing chatting about needles and thread! Always a good thing.

Anyway, the first challenge! To sew a men's shirt, eeekk that's a tricky one. Poor Lauren seemed to agree on that one as she got pretty stressed in this challenge, although her finished product was lovely, in a beautiful flowery print that was boy-appropriate, and only really let down by the buttons, but that is not down to a lack of skill but clearly just a crazy rush to finish in time.  I really liked that this stressful challenge was intersected with clips of the contestants with their families as it alleviated  the pressure and it was nice to hear a little more about where the contestants come from and hear from their families about their sewing habits. Made me wonder what my friends and relations would say about my obsession with sewing! Anyway, my favourite shirt was Ann's because it was divinely finished and I also like men in linen shirts as they remind me of my lovely dad.
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The second challenge was a great idea as I had felt that hand sewing was somewhat neglected in the series as a whole, and all three contestants produced a pretty little embellished purse. Although they were all so pretty I must say I don't think I would wear any of them. I think my favourite was Ann's as it was so elegant and simple. Also, exquisitely finished.

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And then, the final challenge! DUN DUN DUN. Evening gowns, what a fabulous way to finish. I actually felt slightly tearful when their models came out as they were their daughters/sister and I thought it was such a lovely idea, as sewing really is a skill that should be intergenerational and passed down over years and years. They all seemed to really enjoy this challenge and I would personally feel more confident sewing a fabulous evening gown than I would a man's shirt, just because it is something I feel comfortable with thanks to experience. Not many women make men's shirts on the regs, but most home sewers are confident with a dress pattern or two.

Sandra's dress had a divine fit in a challenging fabric and draped beautifully, and would be flattering on most women. Ann's dress was the most wearable and I adore lace at all times, and so so admire the amount of tacking she commits herself to, as I naughtily often bypass this step. Choosing a favourite was basically impossible as they were all stunning and looked incredible on their models. Overall though Lauren's gown was my favourite, she thought carefully about her fabric choices and I would adore the chance to wear something that glamorous. The fit was perfect and a bodice made of 19 pieces takes some serious commitment. 

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And the winner was... Ann! A truly inspirational sewer whose commitment and attention to detail has lead to some of the most beautifully finished projects of the whole series. Truly well deserved. I am seriously inspired, and hope I too will be sewing for as many years as Ann has been. So what did you make of the finale? I had to wait until today to watch it which has been near impossible thanks to our lack of TV and internet, but boy was it worth the wait:)