Three of my paintings, because I hardly ever seem to paint these days

I thought I would try to inspire myself to start painting and drawing again by digging out some of my old art work. It started this weekend at my parents house where I saw two watercolours I painted for my dad. The first was a little painting of our house I grew up in, and the second a portrait of my dad in Marazion, Cornwall, where we visited annually as a family throughout my childhood. when I returned home I dug out this painting of Linda Evangelista lounging glamorously on a windy beach, drawn from an image in Vogue, and painted in acrylics. I painted this about 18 months ago and still feel pretty proud of the way it turned out, neat and tidy, with banging shoes. I think I will try painting this week with my time off, maybe dig out some Vogues as the beautiful images are always inspiring to me. Anyone else paint from fashion photography? Perhaps I need a break from sewing to rediscover this relaxing pass time once more...

Linda Evangelista

My (old) house

 Portrait of my dad