A Little Trip to Liberty: My First Ever Liberty Purchase!

Today me and my bf went on a little excursion into London. We live in London, but not in the middle bit, so that is where we went. We arrived at Waterloo and walked to Regent Street, where there was a World Festival we wanted to see. We walked through St James's Park and saw the beautiful flowers in bloom (some springtime inspo if ever I saw some) and window shopped along Oxford Street. We wondered into Soho and had a delicious late lunch of falafel at Maoz and nosed in the hilarious windows of sex shops. But in between we popped into Liberty, my favourite window shopping location. 
World Festival

Buckingham Palace from St James's Park

There was an incredible display of flying cars crashing into each other in an explosion of flowers. The windows and displays of Liberty are always so inspiring, especially at Christmas, and I do wonder how they get their ideas. The architecture is totally inspiring as well, the only lifts I have ever been in that I genuinely think are beautiful!

And I made my first ever purchase! Usually I stick to window shopping at Liberty but this time, on bf's encouragement  I made a little cheeky purchase (this blog aint called fancy frugality for no reason)
I have been looking for some gorgeous buttons to refashion/up-cycle a jumper into a cardigan for a little while and these fuchsia beauties are perfect. I bough four for 75p each and they are quite large and striking. Made me excited to start my little recycling project :)

And yes, I paraded around with my little tiny Liberty bag with pride. All afternoon.