McCalls 6503: A Dress for Clare, A Dress for me and A Beautiful Mess

So, this pattern I now like as it provided these two pleasing results, but during the making of both dresses it and I were not the best of friends. Either I constructed it incorrectly both times (not to toot my own horn but I doubt this as it is relatively simple for a semi experienced seamstress) or it is just a really weird shape, with a small waist and space for enormous bosoms, which I most definitely not in the possession of. SO much unpicking and adjusting of the bodice was called for, much to my frustration, and neither are yet perfect even now, but both are pretty and fully functional. I actually cut the bodice front on mine to a size 6 in an attempt to compensate for my apparent lack of boobage, but this did not make much difference.
I love Clare in her version.
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It was actually originally intended for myself and based loosely on these dresses I ogled in John Lewis:

But I changed my mind as it was finished as I just didn't think it fitted my style, which lets face it is not that monochrome and sophisticated. And so, I gave my monochrome version to the lovely Clare and made myself  a version with a short sleeve from some very affordable faux denim picking up for £3.50 per meter in fabric land. In total this dress cost me a mere £5.80, including the zip and buttons, so I am very pleased as I feel I will be wearing this one pretty often.