Me Made May, Week One Outfits!

A run down of the first 5 days of my first ever Me Made May! Really enjoying the challenge so far, forcing me to put lots more thought into outfits and sometimes plan the night before and I am very conscious that whatever I wear will end up photographed on the internet! Anyway, here are the outfits, hope you like. Some items I have not blogged yet as they are recent makes but I will get round to my pattern reviews soon enough :)

Wednesday 1st May- Work as usual

Me Made Cape: New Look 6073
Me Made Button Ankle Jeggings: New Look 6110
Me Made Stripe Tshirt: New Look 6816
London Bag: Primark
Sandals: Clarks

 Tuesday 2nd May- Work and Clare's house for sewing fun!
Thanks to  Clare for the photo, isn't her flat pretty?
Me Made Stripe Tshirt: Simplicty 2148
Me Made Polka dot skirt: Self drafted pattern
Brown bag: Primark
Sandals: Clarks 
(Worn with New Look 6073 cape from Day 1)

Friday 3rd May, Work and Class Picture day (need to look smart!)
Me Made Birdie Dress: New Look 6068
Me Made Refashioned Cardigan (used to be a jumper) with lace collar (hidden under hair!) and hand covered Liberty print button
Blue Canvas pumps: Primark
Brown Bag: Primark

Saturday 4th May, Brunch in Kingston, sewing and drinks at ours
Me Made Horsey Tee: Simplicity 2148
Me Made Skirt: New Look 6130
Red Mary Janes: Bank

...And a (blurry) Saturday 4th Night time outfit, at Bacchus, the stickiest club in town!
Me Made Lacey Tee: New Look 6816
Me Made Car Print Skirt: Self drafted pattern
Pink T Bar shoes: Primark
Birdie Bag: Next

Sunday 5th May, Picnic at Canbury Park and drinks at Clare and Nelson's
Me Made Denim Pinafore: New Look 6886
Me Made Spotty Blouse: Simplicity 1693
Sandals: Clarks

I put tights and shoes on later as it got a little nippy

A lovely start to my first Me Made May. A challenge so far but a good one, making me think more about how I can put pieces together in new and interesting ways. How are other people finding it?