New Look 6068 Strikes Again! A White Lace Dress with Mollie Makes Buttons!

Soooo as I sketched previously I want a little lace dress for the warm weather, a 60's style shift dress with a loose-ish fit. I chose this pretty cotton lace, a couple of months ago actually, and a simple cotton lining. The lace was from Fabricland (shock shock) and cost £4.50 per metre, and I only needed one metre for this dress. The lining cost £2 per meter, so total spend for this project was £6.50, frugal points!

I also used the free Mollie Makes buttons I received with their most recent issue, the white pair, as I liked the 'lacy' looking finish they had. I now need to make a plan for the orange and pink pairs, time will tell! I am tempted to make a pair of earrings perhaps.

Some lace dress inspo...





I used, again, my most favourite dress pattern, which has been incredibly good value for money for me as it has had many, many incarnations for both myself and has been used as gifts for others. I altered it by adding in an elastic waistband to add more shape to the waistline. I also made the neckline slightly wider so it would not need an opening as I did not think it would suit the fabric. You can see some other versions of this dress I have made for myself, friends and relationshereherehereherehere, and here!

And so, here is the final dress! I hope you like it, it's totally comfortable and airy for spring/summer but sadly the weather has turned wet and cold and today I wore my 'Christmas Dress'. Something is wrong with this picture... 

But anyway, I decided to try on my dress and take some pictures anyway, despite the rain, and here they are!

What's that down there?

Mollie Makes buttons!

Hope you like, and thanks for reading! x