Simplicity 1745: Boyfriend Project, A Smart Waistcoat!

It's SEW easy its Simplicity!
But its true, this was a lovely simple project and Josh seems pretty pleased with it, which is the most important thing. Here is is modelling it hot off the sewing machine (and in need of a final press!) but doesn't he look smart?

The photo on the pattern envelope is absolutely amazeballs, matching father son waistcoats? Yes please! How very country and western. If I ever have a son this is totally happening. I altered the pattern slightly by changing it from being double to single breasted, on the boyfriends request. Josh chose the fabric himself too and went for a lovely lightweight tiny hounds-tooth suiting from Fabricland, with a cotton mustard lining.

This was as I have said a wonderfully easy pattern, and I liked how it was lined, a clever method I will be using again for other projects. My only complaint is the amount of fabric it says you will need as they massively overestimated, saying to buy 1.4 meters, and I used half that. I know they always do and I generally buy 50cm less than it says I need, but I hadn't made a waistcoat before and did not want to be left needing more. 

Hope you like it anyway, making men's clothes makes a nice change and BF is very grateful indeed, which makes it worth all the time and effort, and then some :)