Completed Burda 7072- DIY Vintage Style Coat

Rain rain, leave London alone for one summer, please? It turns out, a girl needs a coat for all seasons in this town so it's a good old job I finished my mac just in time for summer (ahem...)

Here are the tasteful fabrics I chose from Fabricland (serious case of the girlies that day...) The polka dot was used for the lining. The fabric was about £2 per metre and so this project all came in at under a tenner, win!

And here (drum roll please....) is the completed coat! I really disliked working with this pattern and have thus been put off wearing this or blogging about it for a week or so since finishing, due to the sleeves. Yes, its just that easy to frustrate me. Actually it totally is not easy to frustrate me, I am one easy going gal when it comes to the humble art of dressmaking! I love a sewing challenge but this was so infuriating not because it was a challenge to insert the (insane) sleeves, but because it was so utterly pointless. Why would they need to be so complicated and fiddly, when they just look like normal, bog standard sleeves when completed? Not happy, Burda, not happy! However, when all is said and done about the infuriating sleeve situation, the rest of this pattern was simple pimple and was a breeze to fly through and piece and sew together in an altogether more logical manner. I hope you like the finished piece, I like the cutesy, 60's vibe it has and will be busting it out with A-line dresses one rainy day soon! Also, love a self covered button, as ever, and these huge ones are super fun.

Hope you like, and thanks for popping by! Happy sewing 


  1. Hi-wondering how did you figure out the sleeves? Your coat is so cute I would love to try to make one! Thanks.


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