Me Made May 13: Week Five Outfits!

Wow! Its all over and I feel pretty good. I mean really good. As in, I went a little crazy and gave away pretty much all of my shop bought clothes, except some cardigans, sentimental dresses (prom dress, natch) and obs underwear. And I feel great! To have gotten rid of all my shop bought clothes kind of commits myself fully to the handmade cause. I now only want to wear stuff I have slaved away at on my little sewing machine and that says something about me, and what I like, and that nobody has suffered for (except me, of course!). So yes, Me Made May has taught me a lot about my sewing habits and attitudes towards clothes, and has, I feel, changed both these things for the better. So onwards with the (sustainable) outfits! 

Monday 27th: Travel back from the North, and Clubbing in Kingston in the evening

Me Made Jersey Dress: New Look 6567
Me Made Cape: New Look 6073
Cardigan: Charity Shop
Boots: Primark

And the evening outfit...

Me Made Lace Tee: New Look 6816
Me Made Shorts: Refashioned
Boots and Headband: Primark

Tuesday 28th: Work Meeting, Fabric Shopping and Movie Night!

Me Made Shirt: Butterick 5218
Me Made Skirt: Simplicity 2512
Shoes: Primark

My pretty new fabrics for my summer trench (it's been raining ALOT recently...)

This film was great:

...and this film, was not so great:

Wednesday 29th: House day (raining, a lot, again!) Writing letters, reading books, cleaning, tidying, laundry, sewing my lace dress and, of course, blogging :)

Me Made Suade Bomber Jacket: New Look 6028
Me Made Christmas Dress (it has been COLD): New Look 6068
Jumper and Boots: Primark
Bag: Next

My lace dress, work in progress. Check out the finished article here!

Thursday 30th: Day in London with my pal Stephy, window shopping and eating at Vapianos (yum!) Pub with Kez and Smale in the evening.

Me Made Pinafore Dress: New Look 6886
Necklace: H&M
Boots: Primark
Thermal Vest (OMG it's nearly JUNE!): Marks and Spencer

Oxford Circus makes me realise why I sew my clothes instead of buy them, SO busy! Window Shopping however, I am very good at :)

Magpie-ing ideas: Lacey shorts? I like!

This shirt just made me laugh. Why? 

The Finale! Friday 31st: Sewing Day and Surbiton Charity Shops, followed by Girls Night Out with pal Smaley

Me Made Lacey Dress: Adapted New Look 6130
Me Made Ring and Earrings: Plastic Flowers
Cardigan and shoes: Primark

I went to John Lewis today. People should tell the good people at Horn how hilarious this really is, although maybe that is just me :)

A very orangey Smale getting me drunk :) The fiend!

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading my Me Made May posts, I have loved seeing the amazing creations uploaded and reading about peoples individual challenges. And as for me, it is pretty much a Me Made Life I have signed up for now, at least for the forseeable future, and I feel pretty excited about the challenges ahead. I am glad to not have to have my photo taken every day anymore, but have enjoyed the 'handmade styling 'element to my MMM13 posts, and so will endeavour to do more of these type posts in the future. But for now, I am off to sew something new! Bon voyage, internet x

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Thanks for reading! x