Walthamstow fabric haul, June 2013

Oops, I did it again (what a tune) I am currently standing on the platform at Vauxhall on my merry way home from my latest pilgrimage to the fabric motherland that is Walthamstow. But all the trains are delayed by bloody ages, so I thought sod it, lets blog my fabric finds!

Firstly, my style is slowly changing, just slightly, away from the kitsch floral prints I have always favoured and I am attempting to be, perhaps, ever so slightly, more mature and modern in my fashion choices. I am falling for details such as dipped hems, cut out yoke necklines, chevrons and loose billowy shapes in plains or graphic prints, a change is coming, and so a trip to invest in suitable fabrics for my hairbrained scheme was required. Armed with a twenty pound note, I caught the train the Walthamstow, got one stop away from home, realised I forgot my phone, got off and walked home to retrieve it and tried again. Yes, my mission for a mature wardrobe has begun, a more mature less forgetful brain is sure to follow.

My first, and frankly most exciting finds are these two BEAUTIFUL Paul Smith cotton prints (I have since checked, and they are indeed genuine, from a few seasons back as the shop keeper informed me they do not sell them on until a suitable amount of time has past) . Could they get any better? Oh yes, they cost £2 a metre! Oh I got all giddy and blew £6 on the spot, the crazy fool I am!

After this giddiness the rest of my finds are rather more modest, in my sensible, grown up frame of mind prints are (broadly) simple and graphic, and for once I have purchased plains. Lets take a look:


  1. Geoff's wombling gene came out in force today and he found outside a factory some material and rayon threads which he brought back for me. Not sure if I'll use the threads as not into machine embroidery yet. I need to look over the material to suss out the fabrics.
    You had a good haul :)


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