Completed Project: Self Drafted Aztec Print Dress

I am excited to have finished this project! Having eyed up lots of Aztec style prints in shop windows for the past few summery months I decided to go on the hunt for some fabric to make my own summery Aztec print dress for my French adventures with BF this holiday. Here is some inspo:

LOVE her :)

 Turns out I only had to wonder down the road to Fabricland to find what I was looking for and one afternoon later- et voila! A super simple, quick and easy dress completed ready for jetting off to France. This dress used just 1.2m of fabric 1.5m wide- so a total bargain dress at only £3.99 per metre- win!

Due to the lovely stretchiness of the jersey this dress is cool in the heat and the bright colours give it a somewhat tropical (?) feel. I have worn in out in the evenings a couple of times too and with my hair down it almost looks glamorous! 
Please ignore the fugly bra strap showing, naturally I wear a strapless bra with this dress when I leave the house, these photos are simply for the purposes of blogging :)

The skirt is a three-quarter circle skirt and so has a nice swing to it, like this:


Hope you like my attempts at the Aztec dress (according to all my trashy magazines, a MUST have for summer, whatever that means...) Have you tried your sewing-hand at one? I would LOVE to see :D
Thanks for reading x