Jersey Summer Dress- Tutorial (No pattern required)

I have been making a couple of pretty summer dresses recently as BF and I have recently booked a summer holiday to Nice. I have also grown very fond of jersey for making said dresses, for the ease and comfort of the fit in this incredible hot weather (up to 31 degrees baby, woohoo!)

I like a high waist on my dresses all year round often with a pretty flared skirt and so I designed my own using a lovely 4 way stetch cream cotton jersey.
Read on to find out how...

Step 1: choose a vest top which fits you well. Fold your jersey fabric in half and lay your vest onto. Cut around the vest leaving a 2.5cm seam allowance. 

Step 2: shorten the bodice you have cut out by approx 20cm, so it stops at your tummy button.
Step 3: sew the two vest pieces together at the shoulder seams and side seams.
Step 4: if you have an overlocker, overlock the neck and armholes. Skip this step if you do not have an overlocker of course.

Step 5: hem the neck and arm holes. 

Step 6: cut two rectangles from your jersey fabric 75cm wide by 50cm long.

Step 7: sew the two rectangles together at the side seams and hem along bottom edge.

Step 8: gather the top edge of the skirt by setting your stitch size to 4.

Step 9: pretty sides facing, stitch the gathered skirt edge to the bottom of the bodice.

Step 10: find some awesome trashy gold jewellery and have some fun in the sun!

I hope you give this simple, pattern free tutorial a try, and let me see the results! Thanks for reading x