Tutorial: How to make a shirtdress from men's shirts- refashion

Totes inspired by men's shirt refashion ideas on Pinterest, I just could not resist a trip to the Primani men's department and nabbed myself a pair of pink shirts in their sale for a bargain 4 quid each. Here is what I created:

Read on to discover how, but before the tutorial here is some inspo, Pinterest style:

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But now on to the tutorial!
I kind of made it up as I went along and I defo recommend trying the dress on several times during your refashion to ensure the proportions, such as the armholes and length of the hem, are all appropriate to your frame. Choose a pair of shirts with a chest measurement more similar to your own to cut down on alterations. You will also need some narrow elastic, thread and of course a trusty sewing machine.

1. One shirt will form the bodice and one the skirt. We will do the bodice first so throw the other out the way for now.
2. Cut the sleeves off the shirt and finish arm holes as you choose, I overlooked and then did a narrow single hem. Try the shirt on before finishing edges to ensure you have cut the arm holes large enough.

3. Measure from your neck to tummy button and cut the bottom of the shirt off at this measurement.
4. Now pick up your other shirt, reserved earlier for the making of the skirt, cut the top of this shirt off just below the arm holes.

5. Pretty sides facing, pin the bodice and skirt together, matching the side seams and essentially matching the button plackets!!
6. Sew bodice to skirt using two straight lines of stitching, creating a casing for your elastic.

7. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and run through the dress to the other side. This should gather the skirt and bodice giving a blowsy, loose look while retaining a defined waistline. Secure with stitches at either end if the elastic.

8. Hem your dress to the required length and hey presto! You have a new smart shirt dress to wear to work!
If you give this tutorial a go please let me know as I would love to see the results if your hard work (following my somewhat lacklustre instructions...) Thanks for reading! X