Completed Projects: Two Jersey Beach Dresses, Self Drafted

YAY! Holidays are upon us, and me and BF will tomorrow be in Nice, nice! Enjoying the scorching heat on the beach I am sure. Woe is me, I have not been on a summer holiday for 4 years and am ridiculously excited about this trip of ours. So naturally a seaside/ Cost D'Azur Me made wardrobe needed to be considered, and these fun, nautical cotton jerseys from Fabricland were just calling out to me to be turned into cute, beachy dresses. So thats what I have done. Each dress was made with 1.5m of fabric, and both are from my eternal fave fabric supplier Fabricland.

Dress number one has an elasticated waist for comfort and ease in the heat, an open back with tie detail and little buttons leading off from a V-neck. Navy always feels like a very French colour to me too, for some reason, flags, perhaps?
Close up of pattern and buttons on bodice front

The front, who needs the top of their head anyway...

Back of the dress with tie detail
Dress number two also features rather French colours, red white and blue (also UK and, er, US but hey this has stripes, ok?) This was a simple project very similar in construction to the tutorial I recently posted. It has a very fitted bodice, empire line waist and simple, flared skirt. I tried to use the stripes to add to complement and emphasise the shape of this dress (and even matched them on the seams, hooray!)
Oolala! Cest tres chic, no?

Vertical stripes on skirt contrast against horizontal on bodice
Me, in the dress, smily miley!
 Can't wait to wear these in the sun next week! What have you made for your summer holiday? I'd love to see!
Thanks for reading x