New Look 6068: Lace Waist Dress

Ok, I maybe should use some of my other many, many patterns sometime soon, but I love this one, New Look 6068, so much as it can be adapted in so many ways. This is my most recent attempt.

I have been inspired by all the cute, 60's style dresses with a lacy insert at the waist, adding a sexy twist to a simple shift dress.
I decided to use this lovely floral fabric I bought for a bargain £2 at Walthamstow Market back in March, and had yet to find a use for. It is perfect because it literally NEVER creases! 

I adapted the shift pattern by cutting it at the waistline and making a separate top and skirt. I then joined them using wide lace and added a line of elastic at the lower edge of the top, and the upper edge of the skirt. No zips required.

Swinging 60s, non?

Waist detail

Bit blurred, but you get the drift...

Hope you like my latest adaptation! Thanks for reading x