Recent Fabric Purchases for A/W 13!

Hello! I have been on holiday for just over 7 days and, as I will be away for most of August, have been sewing (and fabric shopping) rather furiously to compensate for taking the best part of a month off (sob!)
This here post details all the fabric delights I have invested in, mostly with A/W 2013 in mind but I may add not exclusively as I have already made up three of these fabrics (of the summery variety) into sun-dresses, but I will get to that later.
Also worth mentioning is my previous post from about a week or so ago, as I have included those 4 pieces of fabric into this haul, seeing as they were bought this week too (incidentally the three aforementioned sun-dresses were made with these summery cottons) On with the fabrics! Please message me to let me know how you think each of these would look best when the cold weather comes to London once again, I am beginning to romanticise the cold weather once again (I suffer from oppositional seasonal longing...)

First, this pretty brown and pink floral, 100% cotton print from Fabricland. Love this already and am thinking perhaps a long sleeve dress with nipped in waist and collar? Very prim and proper...

Next, a Fabricland monochrome beauty, again 100% cotton, I just fell in love with this unusual, petite print and can again imagine a cost winter frock with sleeves and black leather boots. Yum!

Thirdly, another bargain Fabricland jersey in crazy brights! This has a lovely oriental feel to it and is super dooper bright and drapey, definitely some elastane in this mix. I am thinking a dress with a pretty bow at the neck perhaps? Or maybe a ruffly wrap around? Hard to choose!

Next, another pretty Fabricland jersey! This time softer and more feminine, I am really excited to use this one to create a cost, cuddly but girlie winter warmer dress

I think this next cotton is rather vintage looking and is designed by Nel Whatmore and printed onto AMAZING quality cotton by Westminster fibres. I think I am going to turn it into a vintage style, 70's inspired frock with long sleeves and a short hemline for winter, to be worn with cuddly thick black tights, mmm...

Similarly, I feel this red print designed by Verna Mosquera is quite vintage inspired and I want to continue with the vintage feel and create something which feels right at home with the pretty, simple pattern.
Something along these lines would do nicely... ha

Or something a little more subtle, ya know, I'm not fussy...

Lastly, the fabrics from my previous post. I have used the orange paisley Amy Butler and polka dot Amy Butler cottons along with the cream floral Denyse Schmidt already to make summer frocks fit for a princess, so have just saved the darker, blue 'cameo' print Amy Butler cotton for winter as I felt it was quite warm and dark looking. I would like to either make a party dress, or perhaps a 'skater style' dress with a sleeve. I love it as it reminds me of our plates when I was little :)

I will endeavour to post what I have made with the other three fabrics asap, when I can rope BF into taking some decent photos. If you have any good ideas about how to use these fabrics please let me know, I am always open to suggestions and love a second (or third) opinion.
Thanks for reading x