Simplicity 1693 and New Look 6110- Pattern adaptations for a work wardrobe

Two old faithful patterns have helped me to create a few new pieces for my smart, Paris-inspired work wardrobe (ha!) I have used these both before and they are great basic patterns which can be adapted in lots of different ways. If you would like to see some different versions of the blouse Simplicity 1693 you can see some herehere or here.
To see another version of the trousers New Look 6110 have a peek here.

Upon ariving back in the UK post-Paris, I went to Fabricland and bought them out of interesting grey, black and white fabrics. Yes, not as thrilling upon first inspection as my usual brightly patterned hauls but exciting to me. I first made this outfit posted previously, a black sheet blouse with white contrasting collar and a black jersey hi-low skirt. 

Here is outfit number two. Using Simplicity 1693 I adapted the bodice of blouse view C to have a V neck and used the sleeves to view A. I then drafted a sheer black neck tie from leftover fabric from the black blouse seen above. I do think this is quite a chic blouse and love the feel of the white viscose I used. The shorts are adapted from New Look 6110, shortening the pattern initially and then ever so slightly widening the legs from the hip down. Made from a heavy weight ponte roma jersey, these have gained a surprising number of compliments as they are quite unusual but remind me of when I was at college and wore a similar black pair all the time with a spotty button back blouse. 
My Dad took these photos which he insists on taking from below, not entirely flattering on my round face, but he does have a beautiful garden as a background (always better than my usual front door shots...)


 The third and final outfit is Simplicity 1693, view C, which I made in black lace with a slightly shorter sleeve as I wanted more of a cap sleeved look. I love this top and wear it every week thanks to its casual feel. The trousers have been equally well-worn, made from a heavy weight black ponte roma jersey with tiny polka dots. They look wrinkly in the photograph but really aren't in real life, promise! I shortened the pattern slightly to give them a chicer look, a-la a cigarette pant.


Hope you like my new work basics, I hope they will see me through the winter with some added knitwear of course (need to learn to knit better...)
Thanks for reading and happy sewing! x