Walthamstow haul: AW13 fabrics

May have been on a mini spending spree today with my chum Smale. We braved the grey skies of September in London to find some bargains in Walthamstow. I had warm jerseys in mind as I this week made a skater dress in purple ponte roma jersey which I instantly fell in love with the minute I spun around in my new spinny circle skirt! However Walthamstow being Walthamstow I ended up with a mixed bag as you cannot attend this market with a set shopping list as you never know what you will find. Planning a trip? Check out my finds...

1.5m @ £2 per metre
This heavy weight knitted jersey has a pretty Nordic-esque pattern which I feel will work well with my fair-isle reindeer cardigan for a cosy, hot-chocolate-sipping-in-a-cafe outfit. Not that I am idealising the bitter cold winter or anything...

Ultimate reindeer cardigan. Yum :)

1.5m @ £2 per metre
Secondly this lovely teal jersey which is super stretchy, I am thinking a smart dress for work, perhaps a wrap around. It has a slightly oriental feel I think.

2m @ £1 per metre
This one is really just for fun and slightly ridiculous but reminded me of making jam with my mum a few weekends ago. Perhaps this could make a pretty blouse or simple gathered skirt.

2m @ £1 per metre 
I love this and want to recreate in pink my new fave work dress, the black satin polka dot long sleeve dress:

1.5m @ £2.70 per metre
And lastly this lovely lace, Smale's favourite. It is super stretchy and I hope will make a lovely skater dress with a swooshy circle skirt, maybe using my vintage pattern, Style 4056. 

Hope you like and thanks for reading!
Happy sewing x