We're going on a bear hunt... Simplicity 2853

This project has been a long time coming as Jade and I picked out the fabrics back in mid August, a day or two before I went away for weeks on end! So naturally the project could not begin until I returned to London. Once I returned and had Jade's measurements work could begin on this most fun of projects. I love a challenge and could not wait to try something completely new: never before had I made a bear suit, or indeed, any other animal costume besides a lion's head for the year 6 leaves concert 2 years ago.
The pattern we chose was simplicity 2853 and it was lovely, not too fiddly and really comfy to wear when completed (yes, I tried it on...). The only adaptation I made was attaching the head to the body as a 'hood' so she did not have the fuss of two separate pieces. It had elasticated leg and sleeve cuffs which ensured the slouchy fit was manageable. 

The only annoying thing about this project was the fabric we chose. It was incredibly soft thus why we chose it but my god could it fray! It went literally everywhere to the extent that I had to hoover twice and so I made the call to use my overlocker for this project, which was fine once the mess had been cleared up.

The reason Jade, a twenty year old woman wanted a bear suit it her complete and undying love/obsession with bears (she went to feed some at the zoo a few weeks ago). Her favourite type are these black bears. I think they are American.
How gorgeous are the babies!

Soooo, here is the final bear suit, dundundun! How cute is Jade! I think she likes it and overall I am really happy with this project :)

Bear, playing Trivial Pursuit:

Hip hip hooray for bears! 

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x