Autumn is here! DIY Denim Pinafore, New Look 6886

This is a lovely pattern, and although my version is nothing like the original intention of the pattern designers I think I've done a decent job!

I decided to adapt this pattern as the fit is oh so flattering and simply added awide shoulder  strap for that 'pinafore' look and a patch pocket on the boob section. As I used denim I decided to do it properly and sew the entire thing in machine feld seams, a decision I swiftly regretted when I reached the half way point but am now grateful for as this is one of my nicest and most professionally finished garments to date. I actually finished this pattern ages ago in the spring but after only a couple of wears it was summer and heavy weight denim was the last thing on my mind. But this weekend the cold descended properly for the first time this season and I have spent lots of time going on long cold walks through Richmond park, central London and Home park, with bf and my mum (although not at the same time!) We also went to the National Theatre and saw The Light Princess, an incredible stage adaptation of a Scottish fairy tale, if you  get he chance, go! It will not disappoint. 
Front view, I have since shortened the hen by a couple of inches.

Back view. My mum knit me the amazing beret, FYI!
Outfit complete! 

Richmond park Deer 
Autumn leaves and bf
Mum in Home park, outside Hampton Court Palace
The Light Princess - incredible!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing! X