Ideas for a simple crafty handmade Christmas

Tis the season to get your stitch on!
In the spirit of the season I thought I would post about the decs I have made (and a couple I have had made for me!) as for me nothing beats a handmade Christmas when you want a cosy and homely Christmas.
1. Hand seen padded heart garland 

Me and my mum got the inspiration for these garlands from Kirstie Allsop's Christmas special last year and had such a lovely festive time sewing them together.
I love sewing with other people as its such a good chance to teach each other new skills and have a chat. First we cut out 12 hearts from scraps of Christmassy fabrics, such as old Christmas napkins no longer in use and my dads old tartan pyjamas! We then sewed them together back to back and stuffed them. I created a zig zag edge using surgical scissors as we has no pinking sheers, now that's dedication! Lastly we attached a ribbon loop to each heart to hang on the red rope garland. We finished them off with lots of lovely Poundland bells- twinkly! 

2. Padded Christmas tree decs
Continuing with the padded theme, I created these ornaments using special Christmas fabrics. First, a round Christmas rose... a star and a deer diamond...
... And last but not least, a Father Christmas and a mini tree! 
I love the vintage feel of these decs, one of the highlights of my tree :)

3. Personalised stocking
I made this for bf just last year and it was such a lovely simple project. I used lovely tartan double cloth and drafted this simple pattern myself. I appliqu├ęd the letters on by hand using blanket stitch. I think this a definitely a boy friendly stocking! 
...quite unlike my own! I have had this super girly stocking since I was a little girl when my mum made it for me, I adore the sequins!

4. Fimo nativity 
I love this because it reminds me of sharing crafts with my friends as I made them when I lived in a shared house with my girlie friends whenI was just nine (teen...!)

5. Usborne Christmas Decorations 
A quick shout out to one of my favourite crafty books, from which the fairy on the top of my tree was born! Full of beautiful papers and patterns to create many different projects from hearts, stars, angels, paperchains and more! Love. That is all.
My fairy:

6. Kids crafts
Two lovely handmade gifts from pupils this year are both lovely ideas of how to craft with little people. 
Firstly, a pomander. My house smells AWESOME. 
And who doesn't remember Hama beads as a child? Love this little snowflake I chose from a whole range of festive designs created by a pair of creative girls.

7. Sticks! And pine cones!
May seem weird but a lovely simple idea for decorating your tree is to use pretty little twigs in bundles and indeed cinnamon sticks for their lovely smell to create a rustic, countryside-ish feel, even in my flat on a one way system! Hey, if it works there... 

As far as pine cones go I like to leave some as they are and attach some ribbon or rustic twine (lol) to hang them by.

Can you even see the pine cone amongst the insanity in this picture? I challenge you! 

BUT one of my fave winter crafts to get get a load, spray them gold and make a whole basket of fun. Pretty! 
I collected these with my pal Smale so they bring back lots of lovely memories of long walks in Hampton court.

One last word on Christmas. My style may differ from your own but I whole heatedly believe that Christmas should be an explosion of fun and colour, with decorations both old and new, bought, given and especially handmade, coming together to make for a time of wonderful memories for everyone involved. Have a very merry Christmas and a crafty new year! X 

Thanks for reading and happy sewing! X x