Christine Haynes- Chic and Simple Sewing Baby-Doll Blouse

What a lovely book!

I have not tried a pattern book as such before, and this one tempted me from the shelves of 'The Works' in Bury St Edmunds whilst visiting my mum. And I must say, I am impressed.

Chic and Simple sewing contains many lovely patterns, which are all full size and preprinted in a pack at the back, many of which I would actual like to make for myself or a friend. Often I have been put off buying books as they require you to download them and print (I do not own a printer, alas!) or to blow up on a photocopier, which sounds awfully clunky and cumbersome.

I chose the lovely Baby-Doll Blouse to begin with, super simple and very pretty for the hot weather. I chose a simple cream poly-viscose blend with tiny heart prints from Fabric Land, or to be exact, my friend Z chose it, yum!

There are many amazing versions of this blouse and also the dress version, which is exactly the same but with a longer hemline.

I just love the simple vintage feel of this blouse and wanted a simple pretty little weekend blouse (cringe but could not think of a better way to word that...) I chose a lightweight, drapey fabric because I did not want it to stand out like a tent away from my body.

My favourite part of this blouse is the way the yoke is entirely faced with a cute opening at the top the neck at the back. It is so super tidy and neat looking I just love it. I also like the little gathered sleeves and the casual feel to this finished garment. My own gripe is the sizing as I am not a tiny person but I made the smallest size in this and it was massive, and thus pretty unflattering, so I found myself taking in the front and back panels lots in order to achieve a move flattering fit. Make no mistake, I know this is meant to be loose fitting and smock-like in style, but it looked ridiculous (too ridiculous to photograph). I could have accommodated an 8 month pregnancy stomach and with the adjustments it would probably accommodate no more than 5 months of pregnancy bulge.

I wore my top out for the first time this Sunday with my lovely pal who chose the fabric. We ate sushi on the South Bank, wondered down the the Tate Modern and I braved the cold for photos with St Pauls. Later we wondered down to Covent Garden for Snog frozen yoghurt which was ah-mazing, I really must go back asap! Here are said photos:

Snog frozen Yog- yum!

If you like this blouse I recommend Christine's book, its just lovely and so simple to make.
Thanks for reading and happy sewing! x x x