Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Party Crowns! DIY Paper Pom-Pom Crown Tutorial

This festive season I fell for 'Kirstie's Handmade Christmas'. As did my mother, who watched the show for a second time just so I could see and appreciate it with her without any complaint. As a result I bought her a copy of the lovely book to accompany Kirstie's crafty show for her birthday, which as it so happens, (regretfully for my bank account), is close to Christmas!

Kirstie worked with Rosy Nicholas on the show for this craft, who was adorable.

Our fave craft from the Christmas special show was the paper crowns which we worked on and modelled over the festive season. The girl helping was stylish indeed and I had no idea that making paper flowers could be so easy, fun and seriously ADDICTIVE! Could this be the new crack of the crafting world? 

Although this is from the Christmas show this is most def a trans-seasonal project, I'm thinking birthday parties, summer festivals, maybe even as decorations hanging from the ceiling. It is very easy to adjust the size of your flowers depending on what you fancy.

Luckily my mum always has an impressive stash of crafting papers in her handmade arsenal so we got to work straight after the show. Check out Miss Allsopp's Christmas special and you will no doubt be impressed with the crafty Christmas crowns- far superior to the lowly  cracker crowns which are, incidentally, always too small for my freakishly large head. The flowers are made by concertina-ing a pile of about 8 sheets of colourful tissue paper then securing in the middle with wire before opening up to reveal the 'petals'. Magic. We then attached these to old hair-bands. I was so shocked that this worked it was obscene. Just look at my expression of pure joy:

Here is a great demo to show step by step how to create one flower:

On the show they also combined traditional woollen pompoms in amongst the crowns which looked really lovely.

My mum's friend Chris gave her a gift wrapped in beautiful patterned tissue paper so I created a simple flower for my mum from this- thumbs up for recycling! 
Again, enjoy the expression of joy:
Now for some various photo of paper flowers, enjoy!

Cat Crown...


Thanks for reading and happy crafting! x x x