Vintage Pattern Challenge: Vogue 8744 and Mcall's 7902

So December and January's Vintage patterns have been somewhat delayed in  getting to the internet world, but as they make rather a dapper pair what is the harm in posting them together as an ensemble!?

A pretty blouse comes courtesy of Very Easy Vogue (8744) which I foolishly made less easy for myself by using a pretty, yet fray-happy crepe-de-chine from Fabric Land. The finished garment hangs really nicely with the lovely frill but the blood, sweat and (metaphorical) tears nearly stopped this garment from being completed at all, particularly the minefield that was the curved French seamed side seams. If I had time to tend to my overlocker it may have been employed at that moment but sadly we are not currently friends...

But on a purely pattern-related note, this was a simple and effective make which looks stylish and not-too-80s, I would recommend! Should you ever stumble across one at your very own carboot sale. I love how it has turned out and can't wait for the warm weather so I can bust my first vintage blouse in the sunshine!

The skirt (Mcall's 7902) worn with this blouse was a great success and I have already worn it to work, only to be informed by one of my pupils I look like I am going to college (when worn with a white blouse, I guess I can see where he was coming from...)

This pattern was super easy to construct and had POCKETs yay! I feel cute in this and think it will get good wear across the seasons. I did lots of top-stitching over the elasticated portion of the waistband (yes, I continue to avoid zip insertion...) This top-stitching was not in the pattern instructions but why wouldn't you? It looked a buldgy mess without. I really like that only the back was elasticated with a smooth front and really do want to try the cute trousers in this pattern, as that was actually the reason I bought the pattern in the first place.

Perhaps they would be cute in a light weight floral viscose for the warm weather, or maybe even linen, possibly? Although the wrinkles may not be worth it....

Winds of up to 20mph will not stop me taking awkward photos in the rain...

... not at all...

Ok I've had enough now

Close up of the teeny tiny hem on the front flounce

Waist band/sleeve detail

Neckline, tres 80s


The ever so pretty frilly front!

Pockets, nom nom!

I actually love both these simple but effective vintage patterns so if you get the chance, snap them up!
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x x x