The Great British Sewing Bee Series 2 Episode 2 Review

Yay week two of eight!

The theme this week was pattern and saw the contestants challenged to mix and match patterned fabrics in a variety of  ways.

The first, the pattern challenge, was simple but no particularly to my taste- a box pleat skirt. Just not particularly interesting to me, however there was some really beautiful pattern matching on those box pleats! My favourite was Tamara's skirt as it had a really beautiful  finish and the fabric was just beautiful- a lovely posh cotton print. And obvs nicely matched :) This has indeed made me reconsider my own slapdash pattern matching.

But Tamara was not the winner of the pattern challenge this week, it was Heather (again!) with her admittedly beautifully finished and matched yellow patterned skirt.

Challenge two, the refashion challenge, reminded me of my own Shirt Dress Refashion Tutorial I posted last summer where I turned two men's shirts into a shirt dress. The contestants chose from a hideous selection of second hand mens shirts and the results were massively varied. My favourite was Cerina's little sailor dress, it was just so original and adorable! It inspired me to dig out my old vintage sailor dress I found in Paris a couple of years ago and  come over all nautical (but nice!)

But again my favourite was not to be the winner, it was Tamara who won the second challenge (again!) with her interesting skirt made from two of the most hideous men's shirts known to man. Not to my tastes, but clever none the less.

The final challenge was mens pjs. Now I have made several pairs of pj trousers but never a pj top and it did look rather a challenge! They all, bar Chinelo, chose pretty much the same pattern but my favourite was definitely Cerina's (again!) but they may have been influenced by her beautiful choice of Liberty print cotton and the gorgeous model :)

The winner was Lynda with her very smart and nicely finished striped pyjamas, with beautiful binding.

I apologise for the lateness of this post, which is being written whilst watching episode 3 (oops) but today marks the end of the longest two weeks of my working life, with big meetings, two parents evenings and a school trip resulting in more hours spent at work than I can bare to consider! But expect the review for episode 3 asap as life gets back to normal again (whatever than means...)

Thanks for reading and happy sewing! Let me know which were your favourite pieces x x x