Simplicity 1651- Easter Dress

Simplicity 1651 

I may have found a new favourite pattern! 
This first caught my eye for its lovely back D, open with bars across, as I have been pinning many a backless dress for spring summer! 

Although for my first attempt I actually made back C, the closed back with a side zip.

This pattern is nice because it's got many choices and variations for the front and back bodice as well as the skirt. I chose a combination of bodice front A, back C and the straight skirt. The only adjustment I made was swapping the gathers at the waist for two small pleats. This is because I used quite a heavy weight cotton and didn't want to add extra bulk around the waistline.

And oh, what a cotton! This is the most beautiful cotton print I could ever imagine. Bought from Fabric Land for the bargain price of £3.99 per meter, this is one of those fabrics I bought on total, I cannot leave the shop without it impulse. 

I think it was the combination of birds, music notation and postage stamps that gave thus such a lovely, vintage inspired, and altogether more expensive than it really is look! Who doesn't love to look like they spent more than a cheeky fiver on their outfit? 

The pattern is fairly true to size. I made a uk 8 with no adjustments and the fit is pretty much perfect. I really like the neckline which is a nice pointed shape. You can't see it much from this full length photo so I took an awkward selfie to show the neckline in more detail.

My only complaint about this pattern is the wildly inaccurate yardage. The envelope back said I needed 2m 40cm. I chose to take a risk and bought 2m. I then used just over 1m to make the dress and had the best part of1m left over. I decided to give this to my mum, who plans on making a summer skirt to match my dress :) 

That's all for now, thanks for reading and happy sewing! 
X o x o