I'm so fancy! Clueless inspired fashion- Checked pinafore. Salme 142 pattern review.

Who doesn't love rewatching 90s classics like Clueless and 10 Things I hate about you?

I have, in the past three days, rewatched both of these classic films and have been inpired to create my own version of Cher's classic tartan pinafore from the Clueless film. 

I have been wanting to create my own pinafore for a while and although the tartan gives this a rather catholic schoolgirl vibe I am really happy with the overall 90s look. I used Salme 142 Flared Mini Skirt PDF pattern and it was infact my first experience using a print at home pattern and I was really impressed. The fit is lovely and they have some really great modern shapes to choose from, all at rock bottom prices compared to the commercial pattern companies. Just don't forget to add your seam allowance! 

The 90s trend is unavoidable this season and one cannot enter a high street shop without the nostalgic smell of jelly sandals filling your nostrils. I have been dabbling in some 90s styling (investing in adorable Lacey ankle socks) but have yet to go the whole hog outfit-wise, so this classic pinafore is my first nod to the trend of my childhood years (born in 1990, if you were wondering!). I would like to state that I will never, ever be caught dead in a 90s style belly top. Ever.

I have been pinning pinnys (ha!) for a few months now so here is some pinable inspiration:




Adapting the simple flared mini skirt pattern to become a pinafore was easy peasy. I simply measured myself a pair of rectangles which would form the bodice and two long strips for the shoulder straps. I used my dress form to fit the straps and bodice accurately and overall the fit is pretty good :)

I chose to make the front bodice panel quite narrow with skinny straps like the 'Edith' pinafore seen above.

The tartan fabric is 100% cotton from Fabric Land. It cost 3.60 per meter and I used a total of 2m for this project, with a little left over. Sadly I didn't make the blouse I'm wearing underneath, which is from H&M last summer. It has pretty sheer and lace panels which look cute underneath the pinnys as it (of course) has open sides. 

Straps/another awkward selfie 

That's all for now. If you get the chance to use a Salme pattern (available on Etsy.com) then please do, they have some great, unusual, modern designs which look like lots of fun to work with, and are all such a bargain!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o