New Look 6003 symmetrical peplum skirt pattern review

New Look 6003 peplum skirt pattern adaptation 

I've got pretty into symmetry of late.

 I think the first moment I fell for this look was discovering this skirt on Pinterest. Immediately I decided I want to set about designing and making my own version.

I spent a long time choosing the right fabric for my skirt, laying out and cutting out took well over an hour even though there were not many pieces to the skirt at all. I used view E but changed the peplum to have a curved front edge instead of cutting on the fold. 

I decided to line the peplum to give it a better weight as the fabric I choose is very light weight and flexible. In addition I chose to use iron on interfacing on the peplum to give it further body and weight. I cut a UK size 8 and found the pattern to be true to size. It used a total of 1.5m of fabric which was also 1.5m wide, including lining the peplum which is not included in the original pattern.

I think the main reason cutting this out took so long was my absolute desperation for perfect symmetry from all views of the skirt combined with the pain in the ass skippy fabric. That said, it was all worth the hard work as I wore the skirt to my friends 24th birthday party with a simple black tee and sandals and received  many compliments on my shiny skirt! And what's more it's fun to swoosh around and dance in! 

I adore this pattern, the fit is perfect and it makes up so easily with such a pretty, feminine finish- this one comes highly recommended not least because of New Look patterns being such a bloody bargain! 

This photo shows my attempts to match the pattern on the side seam of the peplum.

Mollie makes freebie button! Frugal for the win!

As this fabric frayed so easily I chose to use a cotton binding on the seams to give the fabric the stability so lacking and also ensure the seams remain tidy over time. 

And lastly, some pics from my lovely pal Tule's 24th! It's such a treat to see her as we grew up together and have been friends for 21 years but she now lives in Cypress where she has a very grown up job as a lawyer. 

This was the moment we shouted surprise!

That's it from me and my party skirt for now! 
Thanks for reading and happy sewing! X x x