The Great British Sewing Bee Finale- I heart Chinelo and Patrick

So, the Great British Sewing Bee is over! I enjoyed every episode right up until the end, the contestants were so watchable and funny too! I will miss my weekly instalments of sewing related television (although I really do question how many people see their own nylon anarack). Heather was indeed a deserving winner and created an amazing couture gown in the finale. 

Although I maintain that Chinelo's sewing made my jaw drop on a weekly basis due to her incredible ability to cut and fit gorgeous garments without a pattern. 

Here are just a few of my favourite Chinelo creations:

A silk nightie so beautiful I'd wear it was a ball down 

I loved this peplum skirt refashion so much it inspired me to create my own!

Men's shirt refashion 

Beautiful bow prom dress 

Velvet peplum trousers, such a cute idea! 

Vintage style dress

Men's suit refashion

Individual strips of organza layered onto the skirt, wow! 

And the grand finale...

*Sigh* she is just so amazing, and what inspiring style! I read on that Chinelo is going to start teaching her own courses in her unique style of dressmaking and pattern cutting.

But, as much as I will miss my weekly dose of Chinelo's incredible style and talent, we all know what I'll really be missing the most...

Oh hello!

And one more for luck:

Lolz awesome photo, makes me want to buy those shorts (but only if he's in them).

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x x x