Vogue 8882 Fuscia circle skirt: pattern review and fun in the countryside sun!

Oooo pretty in pink! I have been coveting a pink circle skirt for spring and have pinned hundreds of options recently on my Spring fashion board, ranging from soft candyfloss pink to hot Fuscia. Here was the inspiration:

I was particularly taken by the lovely longer length of some of these skirts and decided to go for a knee length skirt (a longer than average length for me!). I would have loved to have created a midi skirt but I am only 5'4" and mid calf is a hideous length on the shorter woman, cutting what little leg I have at precisely the wrong moment. 

Vogue 8882 was a lovely pattern, and I made the skirt in the size 10 and it fits well, although the waist band was WAY too wide so the only adjustment I made was making it half as wide as recommended in the pattern. I really like the way the skirt has large pleats, two in the front and two at the back to be exact. This gives it a slightly more streamlined look then a classic circle skirt and I think it sits pretty well. My goodness, hemming a full 360 degree skirt that is knee length is time consuming! 

So, on with the skirt photos...

I chose a beautiful floaty fuscia crepe de chine from Fabric Land which was nice and easy to work with and a bargain at £4 per metre. I used 1.5m at a total of £6. I finished lots of it by hand and zig zagged all my seams to ensure the polyester fibres didn't fray. 

I have had a lovely relaxing day modelling this little number at Kentwell House in Suffolk with my awesome folkies. But to make my day even lovelier I met two of my lovely friends from school, which was an awesome surprise as they both live in London still and I was not expecting them to be holidaying in the Suffolk countryside!

What a lovely day! I was so thrilled to see both my friends and family all at the same time as that pretty much never happens I am now feeling like a very happy girl indeed.

As far as Vogue 8882 is concerned I would highly recommend this pattern, it's simple, chic and pretty. But take my word for it and check the heat if your iron before you give it the final flourish if you should so choose to use a crepe de chine! 

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o