Me Made May 2014 day 3: checkered shirt dress and Clueless pinafore

Good morning ! Yesterday was a seriously busy day so delayed outfit post. Morning was fairly standard chilled weekend, marking SAT papers, laundry and popping into town for lunch in the sunshine. I then came home to enjoy Stephen Fry's documentary series Planet Word, which was amazing! If you have yet to enjoy this programme and have any interest in the English language (or any language at all really!) I would highly recommend tuning in on Netflix. I really wish it had been available when I was doing my English A-level as there was so much interesting, relevant yet digestible and easily accessible information, all presented by one of the loveliest and most watchable hosts! 

This afternoon we went to the most awesome flat for a BBQ on the roof up in Clapham (trendy Wendys that we are) for our friend S's birthday which was lovely, enjoying the first of the hazy summer afternoons before the sunset and froze us all. The view from his roof terrace was incredible, you could see the Gherkin, the Shard, Canary Wharf and other incredible views of London.

We nipped home for a quick change and freshen (I put on my Clueless pinafore, FYI!) Then we met up with some friends and went on to our pal's band's gig in Kingston (Tinmen, if you were wondering!) and later on to Bacchus, a tiny smelly and damp basement club down the road from the gig for some dancing before the end of the night.

 Altogether a pretty good first day for our bank holiday weekend, although at some point last night while inebriated I must have been busting some pretty enthusiastic moves and I have woken up with a dodgy foot... Whoops!

Attractive times! 

Today I wore:
Me Made Checkered shirt dress 
Booties M&S
Beige bomber jacket H&M 
Gold pyramid necklace New Look
And in the evening, my Salme 142 adapted Clueless pinafore 

Thanks for reading and happy sewing! How is your #mmmay14 going? X o x o