Me Made May 2014- days 17 and 18

Massive image heavy post alert! We are well over the half way mark now and the handmade fun is in full swing! I have discovered so many amazing new blogs to read thanks to #mmmay14 and have been enjoying browsing the Pinterest board on a easily basis!

Anyway, on with the outfits.

Saturday 17th
This Saturday was awesome. Some friends and I went on a lovely trip to Battersea park which was lovely and super posh, apparently they sometimes film made in Chelsea there, which makes it officially posh, ahem...


I wore: 
Me made Salme 142 flared taupe mini skirt
Primark layered blouse
Clarks sandals
H&M necklace

In the evening, my friend Nelson taught me how to make sushi! So we made lots and ate it with Clare :)   Pride doesn't even cover the feeling you get upon completing your first sushi roll.
(I changed due to the incredible sweatiness of the day!)

Sunday 18th

Another amazingly warm day! We spent most of it lying in the grass of Home park (home to Hampton Court, FYI) listening to bf play the banjo. Lovely, chilled day reading a Mollie Makes DIY fashion special

I wore:
Me Made self drafted baggy stripe tee
Me Made Salme 142 taupe circle skirt
Vintage liberty bangle
Primark shoes
And sunglasses so old I have totally forgotten where I bought them from!

In the evening me and bf watched two new DVDs, I <3 movie night! The first starred the lovely Daniel Radcliffe- Kill Your Darlings. It was a good story, slightly confusing but very picturesque, so I was happy :) this is the second film in as many weeks I have seen co staring Dane DeHaan (the first being Spider Man) and he really was the best thing about this film (aside from Daniel's pretty face, naturally). The film told a true story set at Columbia University when Allen Ginsberg was in his first year. It's a fascinating story and definitely worth a watch.  


The second was one we already watched in the cinema, Woody Allen's amazing Blue Jasmine. If you haven't seen it, see it! That kind of goes for pretty much all of Woody Allen's films, actually...

That's it for my very indulgent weekend of sushi making, park lounging, film watching and temple exploring!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o