Me Made May Day 26

Monday 26th
In theory this should have been an awesome day as it's bank holiday Monday with the bf. However, we spent the morning buying a new Hoover (woo...)  did a huge spring clean of the house and in the afternoon I felt terrible and actually had to take a NAP, something I just don't do, totes not productive enough for me. 
In my lazy state I did manage to watch the awesome Xmen film, which I loveeddd! January Jones is a true babe, mad men love. I also wrote more reports (shocker)

Such delicious 60s costumes!

I felt too crappy for photos, so here we have the phantom outfit photo:
Me Made Christine Haynes blouse from her Chic and Simple book
Me Made self drafted mini skirt
Red topshop shoes

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o