Me Made May Day 27

Tuesday 27th
Tuesday I worked all day, for about 12 hours. Planning, marking, report writing and preparing for moderation. I shan't bore you with the details, but I looked like this all day:

But less smiley.
I wore:
Me made Salme 142
Primark shirt
Topshop red shoes

I also cooked some super healthy soup, nom nom! I will regain my health, one butter bean at a time...

Gossip girl reruns kept me sane. What fashspiration!

When bf came home we watched Inside Llewyn Davis which was set in the 60s so, unsurpringly, I was in aesthetic heaven. It follows a young struggling musican around America and feature a lovely cat and an even lovelier Carey Mulligan. I want to wear polo necks, and if this weather keeps up it's pretty likely I'll be able to!

That's all for today. My next blog post will be all about Wednesday's day trip ( I am blogging on the train home from Cambridge)- expect picturesque times!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o