Me Made May- day 28 in Cambridge!

On Wednesday and my mum and I met half way between our houses for a lovely day of picturesque fun and gossiping in Cambridge. If you haven't been, you really must, it is a hotbed of tourist fun and I did not feel the slightly bit strange taking photos all day of the beautiful colleges and historic buildings. I took loads, but here are the edited highlights:

So that was highlight number one for me, the limitless prettiness of the colleges that surround you, we spent much of the day wandering and gossiping (as we most often do). But that is not all Cambridge has to offer! 
It also boasts many fine cafés and eateries, and we enjoyed eating a hummus salad plate in this amazing convted church. The food was good, but the highlight was the, what looked like medieval, stained glass and general loveliness of our surroundings. It was called the Michael House Cafe, should you ever fancy it!q

We also simply had to stop for afternoon tea, because we are British and it inevitably rained (note: if it were too cold, too warm or simply mild outside we would have also stopped for tea). We went to Crepeaffaire where the staff were very lovely and friendly and the crepes looked incredible, but sadly we were still full of hummus so had to pass and make do with a mint tea. Still good :)

So highlight number two from Cambridge is the seemingly limitless choice of nice independent cafés restaurants. The final highlight of Cambridge was surprising- fabric and haberdashery! We visited two lovely fabric treasure troves. The first was this lovely number: Callyco. It was like stumbling upon a little piece of girly heaven. They stocked an excellent selection of fabrics for furnishings and a small, but exquisite, line of dress making cottons.

 I bought myself two lovely things (check out the charming vintagey paper bags!) 

I bought a meter and a half (everything she had!) of this fun cotton. I love buying fabric when out on holidays and day trips as it means whenever you wear it you will remember the fun you had. This is so unusual I have never seen anything quite like it before, so I was swayed! 

Also, as is was I'm Cambridge, home of the bike, I bought this lovely little handmade button, to take bride of place of a bodice somewhere, someday!

The second fabric gem we found was aptly named The Little Fabric Stall and the lady wh ran it has the most exquisite taste- all of her fabrics and trimmings were without a doubt gorgeous. I managed to resist temptation but my mother bought herself a lovely fat quarter of wannabe Liberty cotton to make little dolls house curtains from, obviously!

My mum also gave me two lovely little presents. The first, a gorgeous piece of this awesome world map fabric, and the second...

...vintage style socks, made in the uk (naturally!)

And finally, what did I wear (what with it still being May for a few more days) well...
I wore:
Me Made New Look 6886 denim pinafore
Primani polo neck (thanks Llewyn Davis...)
Topshop jacket
Gold necklaces, watch and ring as ever
Vintage liberty bangle
Topshop shoes 
M&S bag

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing! X o x o