Me Made May Day 4- New Look 6886 denim pinafore and self drafted stripe tee

Today was awesome. Mainly because, despite feeling a tad worse for wear post Saturday night, my bf and I  poked our holiday to San Francisco eek! I have been saving up for the best part of a year but now we are fully booked to spend 8 days exploring across the Atlantic. I have yet to leave Europe, even though I am now the grand old age of 24, so am slightly terrified about being on a plane for 11 hours, but bf has assured me he will ensure my sanity remains intact.

After booking such an incredible trip, apart from creating a Pinterest board of places I want to see the rest of the day has a lot to live up to. We met some lovely pals for lunch which was lovely if a little hungover and then went into town. I looked for some bridesmaid fabrics (but more on that later!) and bf bought a chest of drawers which he bribed our friends with coffee to carry back to our flat. In the evening the went on a date (a word I use liberally, due in no small part to how excruciatingly cringe-making he finds it) 

We went to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was disappointing at best if I am entirely honest. The story relied too heavily on overly cheesy exchanges and montages between Gwen and Spidey and fight scenes so fast paced you felt physically sick to watch them. I am eternally grateful we did not watch in 3D.

That said, there were some saving graces. Dane Dehaan for one, who played Harry, was great and lovely to look at too, which helps. Emma Stone was equally pleasant to watch, with some very cute 60s inspired outfits and lovely relaxed manner making the cheese seem almost bearable. 

Hands up who wants to look like Gwen?

Oh Dane. Nom nom nom.

Such a ridiculously attractive couple

Anyway, today I wore:

Me Made denim pinafore- adapted New Look 6886

Me Made stripe tee- self drafted

Me Made mustard snood- self drafted

Me Made Eiffel Tower necklace

Shoes- Clarks brogues

Watch- gift from bf 

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o