Me Made May Day 7- Chambray Circle Skirt Vogue 8882

Another day, another lesson, today was much like any other day at work, very pleasant but nothing wildly out of the ordinary! We did money problem solving in maths, the children did PE while we planned for next week and in the afternoon we did some singing and worked on our current story The Mousehole Cat, set in Mousehole, Cornwall, one of my favourite beaches I ever went on as a child, and which I aptly named The Dig.
Tomorrow we will be writing letters and pretending to be a cat. Obviously.

Today I wore:
White lace insert blouse H&M
Chambray circle skirt Vogue 8882
Clarks cream leather brogues 
Golden kitty watch as before, a gift from the lovely bf
Gold ring from Primark

That's all for today as I just wrote a massive post all about the Colette Wardrobe Architect project, so take a cheeky look at that if your interested in my style history!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o