Wardrobe architect- weeks 3 and 4- shape and silhouette

Build your formulas. Look over your shapes and ratings from last week. Start combining them and list out 5-10 silhouettes that you believe would make good outfit formulas for you. I plan to use Polyvore for this exercise. I’ve created a collection called Silhouettes, and I’ll add several sets to it.

If you live in a place with dramatic seasonal changes, you might want to make a warm weather list and a cold weather list. Sometimes it’s hard to think of silhouettes that will work for both, depending on your climate.

Here we go!

I decided to sketch my ideas first, then add polyvore into the equation. Some of these are obviously more winter and some summer, and some inbetween. Living in London more often than not black tights will be paired with most outfits in the spring, autumn and winter :)

That was fun I must say! Now to see if it makes any impact on my dressmaking...
Thanks for reading and happy sewing! X o x o