Burda 9490 and baby bunting

A spot of selfless sewing never goes amiss!

Two projects for little people, which is most unlike me, but people at work seem to be having many babies of late!

I made some pretty double sided (yes, I did it properly) bunting for a friends baby shower, and she has recently sent me a pic of it above baby's crib which is so exciting! I used gorgeous fabrics from John Lewis which was up there with the most fun fabric shopping of my life! So many cute animal prints, the green zoo animal cotton was my favourite. I was annoyed as when buying it people all thought my friend was having a boy, as there was no pink, why is there no un-gendered baby clothes!?! Seems mad to me as my friend chose not to find out, thus I used what I thought were neutral colours, green, blue, yellow, orange etc.

My second project is a little summer school dress in the classic red gingham which so many British schools have for summer. Is this just a British thing or do other countries also wear gingham school dresses? Please let me know :) 

I used burda 9490 which was delightfully simple, this is my first little girls dress I've ever made and it was so quick and easy, with so little fabric! We designed it together which was lots of fun, kids have some cool ideas about clothes!

That's it for today, thanks for reading and happy seeing x o x o